About Us

Blue Sea Maritime Services is a company with a goal to serve the Shipping Industry with adequate professionalism, high Quality services, and offer Great Customer and Partner Experience.

Our main concern is to be able to execute and serve the industry with the highest sense of professionalism and the best services available on line today. Through the services we are offering we would like to become our partners and customers trusted advisor and build relationships based on trust, reliability and, professionalism. We focus on individual customer's needs and their vessel's needs.

Our policy is to be highly flexible and offer our customers tailor-made solutions for services and resources to meet industry and client demand, we understand that the only way to keep our Clients / Principals satisfied is to ensure that safety and quality are given highest priority. We regard the experience, reliability and understanding of marine practice of our employees as foremost in our recruitment policy. We can therefore guarantee professionalism in all areas to all clients.

A Worldwide Partner

Our firm is capable of serving you as a client through our extensive network worldwide that includes North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Global Service Offering

Currently, Blue Sea Maritime Services offers its services globally thereby benefitting customers with purchasing advantages, efficient logistics and economies of scale with a combination of local expertise and excellent service.

Available Worldwide

Our presence across the globe ensures the precise delivery of all spare parts and other supplies that you need at any time and at any location. Blue Sea Maritime Services offers all the products that are made by leading manufacturers in order to satisfy you completely with your purchase.

Operates Internationally

We operate in Centre Europe (Hamburg, Rotterdam), North and South Europe, North Africa (Angola, Algeciras, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Gibraltar, Lisbon), North America and South America (San Lorenzo, Montevideo, Mobile, Houston), Middle East (Djibouti, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar, Salalah, Fujairah), Scandinavia (Oslo), Asia (Singapore) and many others.

At Blue Sea Maritime Services, we are well aware of the greatest concern of our clients - to make money and save time. Therefore, we offer a swift response on all your purchase orders and inquiries. We aim to make your deliveries quickly and efficiently.